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2 oz Emulsion Remover Concentrate

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Product Information

Stenci/Emulsion Remover Concentrate 1:20

2 oz -  250 ml Bottle - Makes 42 oz.

Stencil Remover Concentrate: 1:20 is a emulsion reclaimer for the decoating of polmyer-based direct emulsions  and capillary films.  It is a liquid concentrate which is diluted with 20 parts water for optimum efficiency. Concentrate does not crystallize when drying and is suitable for use in automatic reclaiming equipment.

Apply the Stencil Remover solution with a soft, clean brush evenly on both sides of the screen after the screen has been carefully cleaned of ink residue. Rub the screen gently with a brush to dissolve the emulsion.

After approximately 2 minutes, rinse thoroughly with a strong water spray. Prolonged wait times may result in reverse effects and does not help decoat your screens. Rather rinse the screen and reapply fresh decoating solution.

Ensure that the Stencil Remover does NOT dry on the screen. This can lead to a hardening of the emulsion and the resulting emulsion residues will be extremely difficult to remove.

It is recommended to wear protective glasses and gloves.

The working solution can generally be emptied into the drains.

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